Campground Fire Engulfs Cars & More At Sol Fest

First, the main thing here is no one was injured. As Festive Owl always says, things are replaceable, not people.

Saturday night at Sol Fest Music & Arts Festival in Ponce de Leon in Florida, an attendee’s car caught fire while its owners were in the festival. The fire ended up burning 3 cars total and charred part of another. Thankfully, the fire was not intentionally set. While nothing official has been released, it has been reported that it was started by a battery/device plugged into the car to charge. It began at 2AM EST.

According to observers, the fire was reported immediately and it took roughly 35 minutes for police and fire to arrive. Additionally, it took officials about 40 minutes to completely extinguish.

We’d like to take a moment to stress that we all think about these situations happening but when we’re immersed in fun, music, and the atmosphere, we all have to remember that we are not immune to traumatic and life-altering things like this. Always be prepared and proactive. We are sending love to all those affected and can all learn from things like this.

Fire at the fest
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