Busterkun & Mt. Sierra Drop Explosive House Track ‘Vendetta’

Unveiling a monumental moment in their musical journeys, Busterkun & Mt. Sierra unite to unleash their debut collaborative track – ‘Vendetta’ – under their new duo alias, Low Hanging Fruit. This eagerly awaited release not only signifies their inaugural official collaboration but also introduces a vibrant, dynamic presence in the electronic music domain.

‘Vendetta’ pulsates with lively house rhythms intertwined with mainstream techno beats, drawing inspiration from artists like Odd Mob. Infused with sharp stabs reminiscent of Busterkun’s recent single, ‘Blasé,’ the track maintains its distinct energy and inventive twists.

The track wastes no time getting into the action. A huge bass groove moves our bodies before a female vocalist takes over the track. Before we know it we are thrown into the electric drop filled with ear candy galore.

There are unique stabs and touches throughout keeping the record interesting. I am a huge fan of the bridge/2nd build. It is super tension-filled and makes ‘Vendetta’ stand out from the pack. This part would go off live for sure. I can already imagine the club rocking to it.

This experimental fusion has resulted in an electrifying collaboration carrying a message of resilience and ambition. Busterkun had this to say:

“The lyrics pretty much
carry a ‘Don’t underestimate us; we will rise to the top’ kind of vibe.”

As Busterkun & Mt. Sierra embark on this new journey with Low Hanging Fruit, ‘Vendetta’ serves as a promising glimpse into their musical prowess and creative growth. Make sure to check it out below!