‘Auroras Light’ to Shine at Lucidity Festival 2024

Lucidity 2024

Lucidity is a narrative co-authored by its participants. This year, the festival invites you to step into The Lucid City, a place “where all possibilities, creativity, and love are born”. Nestled in the oak-dotted hills above Santa Barbara, the Live Oak Campground transforms into a vibrant city of dreams from June 28 to 30, 2024.

Headliners Jade Cicada and Detox Unit are set to weave their auditory magic. Next, Wajatta – a dynamic duo comprised of Reggie Watts and John Tejada brings a performance that blends humor with rhythm. Mija, The Crystal Method, and Coki will be delivering a pleasantly mixed bag. They round out a lineup as eclectic as it is electric. Other notable acts include Balkan Bump, Boombox, The Funk Hunters, and Christian Martin.

Beyond the Beats

Lucidity’s narrative extends beyond the music. It offers a transformative journey through art, community, and learning. Artists, healers, performers, vendors, and storytellers come together to create an experience that transcends the ordinary. Workshops designed to enlighten and inspire, art installations that challenge perception, and performances that defy gravity.

Additionally, Lucidity boasts a variety of theme camps – microcosms of creativity, collaboration, and connection. Enchanting theme camps awaiting your discovery include Camp Stop Won’t Stop, Dreamboat Oasis, Fishbon, and Hive 5.

To check out more of what the festival has to offer and to purchase tickets, head on over to the Lucidity website.