Anjunadeep 15 Compilation To Drop This Friday

The time has come once again! Anjunadeep is dropping their next annual compilation, Anjunadeep 15, much sooner than you may expect.

Set to release on Friday, May 31, the new complilation will feature new music from some of the record label’s DJ veterans, as well as the new talent currently taking over the label’s soundwaves. Compiled by Anjunadeep founder James Grant, as well as English DJ-producer Jody Wisternoff, the two will also feature some of their collaborative tracks and remixes on the album.

Listeners can expect to listen to Anjunadeep recent favorites as well as tracks the label has in store for the coming year. Starring on the Anjunadeep 15 track lineup are label artists such as Parallel Voices, Luttrell, Karyendasoul, Durante, Sebastian Sellares, Kasablanca, anamē, and more.

When announcing the news on their Instagram pages, James Grant and Jody Wisternoff shared that there will be a special performance in honor of the compilation coming to YouTube very soon. Stay tuned for more details on the special performance.