AlphaTheta Officially Releases rekordbox 7

The popular DJ software rekordbox has officially launched its seventh version. As a matter of fact, AlphaTheta – the parent company of Pioneer DJ – made the announcement on Tuesday (May 14). It’s been four years since the last major update – rekordbox 6 – which changed the landscape of the software dramatically. This time, the changes are more subtle on a visual standpoint, but the effiency of the software has really improved. Let’s take a look at some of them.

rekordbox 7 takes the aesthetic aspect a little bit further than its predecessor, making the overall look more streamlined, spaced out, and easier to navigate. Most of the changes make it much more user-friendly. As for the efficency side, rekordbox 7 includes a complete rebuild from the ground up, now supporting Silicon chips on Apple computers and, according to AlphaTheta, featuring a much-improved performance with a “56% reduction in CPU Processing load and a 38% reduction in power consumption during startup”. There are also improved waveform rendering algorithms and database read/write speeds.

Some new cool features include are Collection Radar and Streaming Radar. To save you time, you can now get Rekordbox to do a whole lot of music prep for you. In fact, it can now find music options that are similar and compatible with what you’re playing, by measuring parameters like the track’s energy, key and BPM, amongst others. Another new feature is Intelligent Cue Creation. rekordbox can either set cue points at consistent intervals, or you can allow the software to analyse your collection for cue points you’ve already set. Rekordbox will then ‘learn’ your cue point style, and apply that style automatically to newly analysed music.

A lot of new features are also included in the new version, so you can check them out here.

Stay tuned for more news!