Above & Beyond To Host The Anjunadeep Edition Episode 500

Our favourite trio will take the wheel on this week’s episode, to celebrate a huge milestone on their brother imprint.

The bond between Above & Beyond and Anjunadeep goes a long way into the past, for those who are not aware. Initially born as a place to showcase the music they thought unfitting for the early days of Anjunabeats, the label has grown to become one of the leading houses of the deeper sounds of Electronic music. The bond is even stronger as we notice one of its heads, James Grant, has been managing the Above & Beyond brand from the very start.

Anjunadeep has famously launched an endless list of artists to the stratosphere ever since its conception. Names such as Boom Jinx, Michael Cassette, Jaytech, Andrew Bayer, PROFF, and 16BL (formerly 16 Bit Lolitas) were all part of the older generation of Anjunadeep cadets, while other names which are currently rocking the Deep and Melodic House scene also came from the later twelve years of it. See how many of these names you know: Lane 8, Yotto, Marsh, Ben Böhmer, Cubicolor, Spencer Brown, Tinlicker. Breathtaking, right?

As you can see, Anjunadeep has blossomed into an incredible amount of legendary artists, and it’s impossible to compile the best of their catalogue into one mix. BUT, our favourite British trio is giving it a go anyway.

Above & Beyond, The Anjunadeep Edition 500

Above & Beyond during their ABGT400 broadcast.

Celebrating 500 episodes of the weekly radioshow The Anjunadeep Edition, which welcomes artists all over the world to play an hourlong mix of the best they have, the band, comprised of Tony McGuinness, Jono Grant, and Paavo Siljamäki, will take good care of the decks on this week’s broadcast. This year marks the tenth anniversary of the show being regularly on air. Actually, the episode, as a sort of majestic coincidence, will be streamed exactly 10 years to the day from the first-ever episode. Neat.

This news comes in really handy for all of those looking to be in London this summer for the imprint’s Open Air show return to Finsbury Park, since A&B announced not long ago they’ll be closing the day with a Deep set they’ve been preparing. We’re eagerly awaiting that day to read the tone of the set. Will it premiere any new Fingerprint or P.O.S IDs? There’s a collab lying around between Paavo and Fadi from Aly & Fila, maybe it’s a good place and time to play it…

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