Vikkstar, Masked Wolf And JME Come Together For ‘Know Me Better’

Three massive faces find common ground in this hot new House single.

Do we even need an introduction here? Chances are, you either know Vikkstar, Masked Wolf, JME, or all of them. It’s always exciting to witness history in the making when artists from different backgrounds craft a piece together. Analysing how their sounds blend is often really interesting, even more so if the resulting song is a banger. Case in point, enter ‘Know Me Better‘.

DJ-producer hybrid and YouTube icon Vikkstar has taken Dance music by storm over the past months. After sitting in the studio with Alan Walker and Dash Berlin for their own take on the 90s classic by Alice Deejay, ‘Better Off (Alone, Pt. III)‘, which was a rousing success with over 60 million Spotify streams as we speak, the Sidemen member has stayed on the path of providing music for the whole world to enjoy.

This time, his new single welcomes an equally exciting project, Masked Wolf, the talented artist behind the world hit ‘Astronaut In The Ocean‘ from a few years ago. Not satisfied with their combo, ‘Know Me Better’ completes its battle team with the addition of legendary rapper and UK Grime trailblazer, JME. The single is now available to stream, courtesy of Monstercat Instinct.

‘Know Me Better’

Through clever elements, the track portrays a warm Deep House vibe, using synthesised trumpets, fat basslines, soft sine plucks, and the optimal amount of dirtiness on the percussion supporting the whole arrangement. As for the vocal bits, Masked Wolf walks you through the entire track with his iconic style. And just when you thought you had heard it all, boom, JME pops up and elevates the piece to new heights.

The lyrics of the single have a deeper underlying meaning as well, which has its roots in personal growth. As Wolf himself puts it, “There is always an element where people will judge you or get to know you and think they know you better than yourself. I wanted to express these ways of people not really caring for the other side of the story and just caring about their own. The whole verse depicts someone plotting against you, whether it is in love or friendship, to derail you. They think they can outsmart you because they believe they know you better than yourself, well they don’t“.

Regarding the creation of ‘Know Me Better’, Vikk reflects, “Since entering the music space, I have really enjoyed collaborating with old and new friends. Wolf and I regularly play Dota 2 together, from opposite sides of the planet. I have known Jamie for over a decade and always have a great time with him“.

We all have different styles, and I feel that fusion worked really well on this track.”


Listen to Vikkstar, Masked Wolf and JME‘s brand-new ‘Know Me Better‘ below for your regular, beloved Spotify play. Also, Be sure to click here to check out the official video, and here to support the release on your platform of choice. Stay tuned to our page for the latest news and views from the Dance music industry!