Swedish House Mafia ‘Lioness’ Delayed for Additional Tweaks

Swedish House Mafia surprised fans with a sold-out show at the Brooklyn Mirage last weekend, kicking off the venue’s 2024 season in style. The iconic trio delivered a legendary performance, leaving attendees with an unforgettable experience, and also offered a thrilling update for fans eagerly awaiting their new music.

This surprise event was a coup for New York City fans. Swedish House Mafia reportedly approached the venue and requested an early opening, and the Brooklyn Mirage gladly agreed. The show, held on April 27th, was a one-night-only event, creating a massive buzz and selling out in record time.

But the biggest news came after the show. In a social media post thanking the New York crowd, Swedish House Mafia addressed the highly anticipated track “Lioness.” expected last friday. They acknowledged fans noticing its absence and expressed their gratitude for their patience. The post revealed that while “Lioness” was planned for release, last-minute production tweaks were necessary after the live performance. Thrillingly, they declared that the Brooklyn Mirage audience experienced the final version, and “Lioness” is indeed coming soon!