Suray Sertin Provides Dreamy Sounds in ‘Over The Moon’


Suray Sertin is an artist who is from Montreal and he has been gaining fans worldwide with his vibrant musical style. On Friday, April 5, Suray Sertin brought out that amazing style by releasing ‘Over The Moon’ featuring Sabrina Konstas. ‘Over The Moon’ brings out vast amounts of house, soulful electronica, techno, and pop into an outstanding blend of beautiful music. This track will surely motivates the listeners to not just enhance their great connections with the “special someone” in their lives, but also allows them to continue loving themselves as the amazing beings that they are. Click ‘Play’ on the Spotify link below to fall in love with ‘Over The Moon’ by Suray Sertin.

‘Over The Moon’ from Suray Sertin captivates emotions

Listening to this track will ensure instant tranquility and exuberant energy to continue flowing nonstop. The vocals from the singer, Sabrina Konstas, bring out feelings that easily bridges distance between individuals in a powerful connection that is also genuine. The production talents of Suray Sertin in this this track also proves why this producer is a creative, one-of-a-kind person whose knack for creating multi-genre jams have provided him a lot of recognition.

His past releases have also seen the likes of Nike, EA Sports, and even CBC Television featuring his music as well. Additionally, his music also featured on the Higher Ground and Foreign Family Collective playlists too. This artist from Montreal will surely become a household name in the electronic music industry if he continues to produce top-notch releases that this one that came out on April 5.