Slushii Returns to Happy Hardcore Roots With ‘If You Love Me Now’

Slushii keeps the hits coming in 2024. His new track ‘If You Love Me Now,’ is out now via his new label SONICDream. The track is a return to the energetic happy hardcore sound that has built up his loyal following throughout the years. A beautiful piano melody, angelic vocals, bright synths, and upbeat percussion make this a mood boosting feel good track.

If You Love Me” is vintage Slushii music. I started my label SONICDream specifically for this purpose: to have an outlet for my original productions and releases that make me.. me. This one is not only for those who have loved and supported me no matter what.. But also for me. To be able to make music that makes me feel like myself.”  – Slushii

2024 has been a spearheading year for Slushii. SONICDream fulfills a lifelong dream, offering a creative outlet after exploring commercial music and hip-hop for the past two years. Last year’s viral lofi hit ‘Past Lives’ under his sapientdream alias proved his artistic range. He’s also been busy with remixes for Logic and Aviella, alongside several “Past Lives” reworks. ‘His latest track ‘If You Love Me Now’ marks his return to his signature sound that his fans adore, and is just the beginning for the year.