Skream & Benga Cancel Coachella Set

Music fans around the world eagerly anticipate the electrifying performance of the iconic duo, Skream and Benga, at the prestigious Coachella music festival. However, their hopes were dashed when news broke that due to unforeseen visa issues, the dynamic duo would no longer be gracing the Coachella stage. Disappointment and disbelief spread like wildfire among fans, but amidst the chaos, a glimmer of hope emerged as Skream and Benga announced their determination to overcome the obstacles and aim for a triumphant return in 2025.

For Skream and Benga, the dream of performing at Coachella seemed within reach until the harsh reality of visa issues reared its ugly head. Despite meticulous planning and preparations, the bureaucratic hurdles proved insurmountable, leaving the duo stranded and unable to fulfill their much-anticipated performance at the renowned music festival.


The heartbreak and frustration felt by Skream and Benga were palpable as they faced the harsh truth that their music, which had transcended borders and captivated audiences worldwide, was now confined by red tape and legalities. The cruel twist of fate served as a sobering reminder of the complexities and challenges that artists often face in the pursuit of their artistic endeavors.

As fans lamented the missed opportunity to witness Skream and Benga’s electrifying stage presence at Coachella, the duo refused to be defeated by adversity. Instead, they channeled their disappointment into fuel for their fiery determination to overcome the visa woes and emerge stronger than ever on the international music scene.

As they navigate the complex landscape of visa regulations and international performance logistics, Skream and Benga draw strength from their loyal fan base and the unwavering support of the music community. The anticipation and excitement surrounding their potential comeback in 2025 serve as a beacon of hope in an otherwise tumultuous and unpredictable music industry.