Porter Robinson Talks Sobriety and SMILE! :D

Porter Robinson’s SMILE! :D, out July 26th via MOM+POP

Porter Robinson talks sobriety and SMILE! 😀 in a recent interview with The Independent.

Porter experienced a meteoric rise to fame by age 21, touring with icons like Tiësto and Skrillex, and achieving a UK Top 10 hit with ‘Language.’ However, at the height of his success, he faced a personal crisis, leading to a dramatic shift away from EDM.

Now 31, Porter reflects on his journey, including a disassociating moment on stage that led to a “meltdown” and a reevaluation of his career. His new album, SMILE! 😀, is a departure from EDM towards a pop sound infused with indie pop-punk and guitar ballads, influenced by his discovery of bands like Radiohead and The Killers.

His early love for EDM, sparked by Dance Dance Revolution, has since evolved into a passion for creating music, but as EDM became mainstream, he felt disconnected from the genre.

 “It was turning into this arena-sized highly commercial thing, which wasn’t what I wanted to do, and the whole EDM festival thing felt super whack to me,” he says. “I was becoming known for a genre I couldn’t vouch for anymore.”

– Porter Robinson via Independent.co.uk

Previously his debut album, Worlds, was a deliberate pivot from EDM to electro-pop, and despite initial resistance, also including a desire to alienate his rave audience, he now appreciates all listeners. Robinson’s candid reflection on his past, including his involvement with the hit ‘Clarity’ and his struggle with the EDM label, reveals a complex artist navigating fame, identity, and creativity.

Nevertheless, Robinson’s sobriety and the sobering effect of Avicii’s death have influenced his current outlook. Following the critically acclaimed Nurture, his latest work continues to explore new musical directions and personal revelations, showcasing his resilience and artistic evolution.

SMILE! 😀 World Tour has just kicked off in Boston, MA April 29th at MGM Music Hall at Fenway and the album is to be released July 26th, 2024 via MOM+POP.