Nature Listed As An Official Artist on Spotify

There is a new official artist on Spotify that we all might enjoy. As part of the UN conservation initiative, Nature has been listed as an official artist on Spotify. If you enjoy the soothing sounds of mother nature, this is the perfect artist for you.

You can listen to melodies across the seas, feathers in the forest, or nature’s rainfall melodies. Anything you desire or can think of with regard to wilderness is here. Many of the sounds come from Colombia. The page already has over 2 Million Monthly Listeners and growing.

Launched on Earth Day (22nd April), Sounds Right will help fund climate action initiatives by donating a share of streaming royalties generated by any track crediting Nature as a featured artist to Earth/Percent, a climate-focused charity founded by Brain Eno.

In addition, musicians including Eno, Louis VI, UMI, Bomba Estéreo, Ellie Goulding, MØ, and London Grammar have released new music featuring nature sounds. You can check out the official Spotify playlist showcasing the tracks.

UN Live hopes the project will raise $40 million within its first four years. Some of the fund’s current targets include forest preservation in Madagascar and efforts to prevent deep-sea mining.