Loreno Mayer Amazes With Latest Release ‘I Don’t Wanna Be’

Listen to a banging track we recently came across.

Struggling to get the week started? Worry no more, we’ve got you covered. We’re always on the lookout for new, exciting music to share. And we believe we’ve hit the nail on the head this time with a powerful, festival-calling tune. The culprit of our excitement? Meet Loreno Mayer.

Loreno Mayer

Coming to you all the way from Croatia, Loreno Mayer is a DJ and music producer of the highest order. Counting with releases on prestigious labels such as Revealed, Enhanced, Black Hole, Cr2 and more, his approach to Progressive House, Trance, Electro House and other Dance subgenres has truly impacted the giants of the industry.

Quite fittingly, ‘Giants’ is one of his songs that blew up a couple of years ago, with ARTY using him in the form of a mashup when DJing. Pair this with the fact that he’s caught the attention of — and worked with —brands like Samsung and Deezer, and you’ve got an artist who’s cooking up every aspect of his name, slowly simmering them to perfection.

‘I Don’t Wanna Be’

Mayer’s recently released one of his most Electro-leaning tracks to date. ‘I Don’t Wanna Be’, signed on the Revealed imprint BODYWRMR, has it all, from raspy saws and acid sounds, to whistly leads and tons of tension.

The very moment you hit Play you start to notice there’s a pleasant throwback feeling on the creative side of this single. Tons of elements will fly you back directly to 2014-15, with sounds that resemble Jordy Dazz, Vicetone, and the Revealed roster from back then. Truly a mesmerising experience!

Listen to Loreno Mayer’s ‘I Don’t Wanna Be’ in full by clicking the Spotify button we’ve provided. Also, be sure to follow him on his socials. And stay tuned to our page for the latest news and reviews from our beloved EDM industry.