LA Songwriter Casey Cook Debuts 9 Track Remix EP ‘In Its Time’

Los Angeles songwriter/vocalist Casey Cook has made a significant mark in the world of EDM and pop music in the past few years. Renowned for her haunting vocals, mesmerizing melodies, and heartfelt storytelling, Cook’s unique sound has won the hearts of fans around the globe. Out now is her latest remix EP, ‘In Its Time’ which is packed full with ethereal melodies and soulful vocals.

In April 2023, Casey unveiled her debut EP, ‘In Its Time,’ a poignant collection of songs inspired by her personal journey through grief and healing after the loss of her father. Drawing from her own experiences, Cook’s music serves as a beacon of comfort and connection for listeners navigating similar emotions.

Reflecting on the EP, Casey shared, “In Its Time is a journey of thoughts, emotions, and feelings surrounding loss and healing. I wrote these songs as a form of self-therapy to process this pain and be able to move forward during an impossible time.”

Casey’s 2023 EP, known for its stripped-down, organic sound and soft-pop vibes, gets a whole new spin in 2024. Embracing her electronic music background, Casey teamed up with a dream team of producers to remix the tracks. Matt Barri, Lockbox, DZMA, Kepik, Lost Wolves, Flote, Elude, Tom Konway, and BrillLion all bring their unique styles to the table, creating nine fresh takes on Casey’s introspective lyrics and catchy melodies.