Grimes Apologizes For Disastrous and Awkward Set At Coachella

If you haven’t seen yet, Grimes had quite the performance at Coachella. She experienced extreme technical difficulties when her mixer did not work as intended. It appears Grimes was trying to use the Sync button on the DJ controller. This button was not working, however.

This is easily the worst nightmare for any performer. Having it happen at Coachella in front of thousands and for millions to see online, is probably the worst thing that can happen. Her struggle mixing songs led to many awkward moments of her explaining over the mic what was happening.

For non-DJs, the sync button basically connects tempos automatically between two songs. It’s almost like a cheat code when mixing. What I don’t understand is how no one from Tech helped her out. For such a massive festival, she was left up there alone to struggle.

Grimes continued to try to explain that she had trouble before the set programming her songs. Sounds like she didn’t prepare well enough… She took to Twitter yesterday to apologize to everyone for her performance.

As a fellow DJ, I do feel bad for her, and truly this is a a learning lesson for all! I do appreciate that she tried live mixing rather than some artists playing a pre-recorded mix. Make sure to practice.