GORDO Releases ‘Fallin Luv’ Alongside JERIA

Diamante Blackmon, formerly known as Carnage and currently better known as GORDO in the electronic music world, has released his newest release, ‘Fallin Luv’ alongside JERIA. The collaboration on this rhythmic dance jam with the rising Chilean producer is bringing GORDO to newer heights in his illustrious career. The release of ‘Fallin Luv’ comes after GORDO just completed a memorable Latin American tour – performing in 25 cities throughout 15 countries.

This track shows that GORDO is definitely an artist who has proved that he is not only a music icon in Latin America but also around the world with his phenomenal music production skills. Click ‘Play’ on the Spotify link below to stream the track, which will heighten one’s mind and senses. Furthermore, ‘Fallin Luv’ will also show the fans why JERIA is a up-and-coming electronic music star in Latin America as well.

GORDO and JERIA are making grand moves to continue enhancing their careers and musical styles

GORDO and JERIA, producers of this heart-pumpin’ track ‘Fallin Luv’ are still making fantastic strides in the music industry. In fact, GORDO had Billboard crowning him as the #1 DJ on the ‘Hot 100 Producers’ chart, as well as the #1 Hispanic DJ on DJ Mag‘s ‘Top 100’ list. DJ Mag also ranked GORDO as the #21 overall DJ as well.

JERIA, the rising star, also performed alongside GORDO on his Latin American tour and the phenomenal discography that he has shows to the world that he has the talent to become a global music icon too. The collaboration between the two artists shows that music, in particular electronic music, has the power to not only unite fans but also bring the best of two unique talents into one exciting musical partnership. ‘Fallin Luv’ will also a summer jam that people will continue blast as the sun continues to heat up.