Empire of the Sun Returns With First Single in 8 Years ‘Changes’

Electro-pop pioneers Empire of the Sun, the duo of Emperor Steele and Lord Littlemore, are back with a brand new single, ‘Changes.’ Marking a triumphant return after nearly eight years, ‘Changes’ signifies a new chapter brimming with the band’s signature ethereal soundscapes.

The track pulsates with infectious melodies and driving beats, showcasing a sonic shift from their signature sounds while staying true to their beloved style. With its airy synths and brighter tones ‘Changes’ is the gentle invitation to their lush soundscape that they’ve masterfully crafted.

“Changes represents the shifting sands of time, empires rise and fall but the sun shall shine on. Come once more into the world we’ve created, delve deeper within and be rewarded with its ever-expanding story, each and every one is invited to explore the new era.” – Lord Littlemore

“Changes was a breakthrough track for us. It felt like the moment of clarity when it became evident we were in the new era, our time of rebirth, the next chapter of Empire.” – Emperor Steele

The track comes with an accompanying music video. Filmed amidst the breath-taking landscapes of Thailand, Empire of the Sun and Michael Maxxis invite audiences to embark on a visually stunning, cinematic odyssey, one that will captivate and enthrall viewers with its otherworldly allure.