Eli Brown Sells Out NYC Pop Up Show In 30 Seconds

Eli Brown has brought a visceral energy to club sonics ever since his emergence on the scene in 2016. Coming up in Bristol’s famed dance community, Brown’s production style captures the raw atmospherics of his homeland’s icons. His innovative approach to club sounds roots itself in the sinister; placing the listener in the darkest sonic recesses before throwing them onto the dancefloor at breakneck speed. This sound has helped him rise to prominence, rapidly gaining support from the likes of Carl Cox, Adam Beyer, Charlotte De Witte, Patrick Topping, Alan Fitzpatrick, Solomun, Reinier Zonneveld and more. This past weekend was his anticipated return to NYC and he did not disappoint. On Friday, the techno king announced a pop up to take place Saturday before his big headlining Avant Gardner event which sold out in 30 seconds and crashed the ticketing platform Resident Advisor.

The show itself was the talk of the weekend and took place in Brooklyn in the courtyard of 99 Scott, a popular underground techno venue in the city. This trend of big artists doing more and more exclusive free / low cost pop up shows has been working in exciting fanbases who have been getting increasingly sick and tired of increasing ticket prices, and oversold dance floors.