DJ Snake Returns With Crankdat to Unleash ‘Big Bang’

DJ Snake, one of the world’s most-popular dance/electronic music superstars, has returned to team up alongside bass music maestro Crankdat to unleash ‘Big Bang’. ‘Big Bang’ is a fiery release with tons of bass to enhance the eardrums of anyone who listens this fantastic track. In particular, fans who may attend a live event such as the French EDM icon‘s upcoming final show at Stade de France, in his home city of Paris next year (which has already sold out in minutes).

With this powerful and awesome mix of electro house, glitch, and dubstep that DJ Snake and Crankdat put in for ‘Big Bang’, the track will surely be land in the top 20 in the charts or even top 10 as well. Click ‘Play’ on the Spotify link below to stream ‘Big Bang’, a track that brings in vast servings of bass and synths that will enlighten the minds, bodies, and souls.

DJ Snake and Crankdat’s ‘Big Bang’ perfectly balances intense synths with exhilarating bass

Synths and basslines are the main factors that make ‘Big Bang’ a track that one can jam out to with great passion. This track, which contains police sirens and a maniacal-like laughter, also provides vocals that later lead to a gnarly breakout of fiery beats that will resonate throughout any environment. ‘Big Bang’ from DJ Snake and Crankdat also merges futuristic techno sounds with today’s hard dubstep rhythms that shows why both artists have risen to the top of the electronic music world.

Finally, check out the aftermovie of DJ Snake’s last event in Paris where he sold out Paris Saint Germain’s world-famous Parc des Princes in 2022 below this paragraph. For sure, when the fans arrive at DJ Snake’s final event next year at Stade de France, ‘Big Bang’ will definitely bring an explosion of wonderful sounds that will reverberate the Parisian night sky.