Camelphat Remixes Vintage Culture’s ‘Nothing Ever Changes’

‘Nothing Ever Changes‘ by Vintage Culture is an originally captivating track that weaves together ethereal vocals and pulsating rhythms.

The song opens with a rhythmic foundation, carried forward by ambient, momentum-building drum patterns. UK-based producer, singer, and songwriter MAGNUS lends his airy vocals seamlessly unfolding into the evolving soundscape. MAGNUS’ voice adds emotional depth, dialing in your ears from the start.

The repeated lines emphasize a sense of resignation and acceptance of a reality where nothing ever truly evolves. The reference to reading all the pages could symbolize seeking answers or understanding without finding a resolution, leading to a continued sense of disillusionment.

The collaboration between Vintage Culture and MAGNUS reflects their shared vision. Their synergy results in a track that speaks to universal emotions.

“‘Nothing Ever Changes’ reflects how I was feeling during a challenging time. We all go through these stages in life. The trick is to not allow it to consume you, but to harness these feelings and keep striving for improvement.”

Magnus on ‘Nothing Ever Changes’

You can now listen to the high-octane remix from Camelphat. It packs a little more punch on the leads and delivers an additional powerful bass and kick to the drop.

‘Nothing Ever Changes’ is a glimpse into Vintage Culture’s forthcoming debut album, Promised Land, set for release on May 24, 2024. This LP promises to showcase Vintage Culture’s versatility as a producer and DJ, blending diverse talents and genres into a cohesive musical journey.