Barkin Drops 2nd Track of The Year ‘Come With Me’

Barkin continues his awesome 2024 with his 2nd release of the year. Teaming up with Honey-B-Sweet, ‘Come With Me’ continues Barkin’s Techno-focused sound. The New York artist dropped it on Liftoff Records. 

Honey-B-Sweet’s sultry vocals take center stage in the beginning before tension begins to rise. Before we know it, we are engulfed in a groovy bass-infused drop. Clever and gritty ear candy gives us all we need to keep dancing. Aggressive synths and sounds are expertly mixed into the record providing us with hints of Barkin’s original Bass House sound. 

A deep-moving break switches things up before the pace begins to speed up again. An even bigger second build introduces a fake-out drop. A melody of breath vocals takes us into the second drop. It feels just as good but with more percs and grooves throughout. 

Barkin kicked off 2024 with a similar track in ‘Touch Me.’ Make sure to check out ‘Come With Me’ below!