Alessio Cristiano Brings Out His Latest Melodic EP, ‘Our World’

Alessio Cristiano makes his debut on the Einmusika label by releasing his new two-track EP, Our World. The producer, who is from Napoli and is currently working out of London, made the Our World EP as musical piece that brings out innovative soundscapes of glitchy vocals, energetic synths, and rhythmic, rolling bass. The title track of the EP have synth stabs that enhances the mood while bringing the melodies to a higher, intense feel.

The second track of the EP, ‘Surreal Imagination’, has a more low-key feel to it as it blends futuristic, industrial sounds with a touch of ambient yet mysterious vocals. Alessio Cristiano crafted this two-track Our World EP with precise dedication and ensured that the fans will get to enjoy it at recent sets. Click ‘Play on the Spotify link below to stream Our World, which has the likes of Konstantin Sibold and The Element providing support for it.

Alessio Cristiano
Photo Credit: Alessio Cristiano / Resonate PR