TCE Presents And Broadwick Announce A New Venture

TCE Presents, leading event design/promotion company from New York, has teamed up with innovative British music and culture powerhouse, Broadwick. This new transatlantic partnership is about a venture in the United States that both brands are currently developing that will shape how live events will take place and how event organizers can organize these events in a spectacular manner.

Both TCE Presents and Broadwick will work on a series of projects that aim to enhance live event experiences into colorful creative spaces that will transform the New York nightlife into one that is much more vibrant and unforgettable than ever before. After reading this post, definitely check out TCE Presents’ Instagram page and also the same goes for Broadwick’s page as well. Checking out their socials will allow everyone to keep up with more information regarding this exciting event partnership.

TCE Presents And Broadwick, The Two Independent Event Promoters Who Will Bring Their Own Unique Visions To Enhance New York Nightlife

TCE Events has built a fantastic reputation as one of New York’s leading names in independent music event promotion. This promoter has hosted a diverse and vast array of events throughout and outside of New York City that the underground House and Techno powerhouse, Teksupport, has led over the years. TCE Events produces over 150 events per year and with this new, exciting partnership, people will be excited to see more wonderful events that will light up the New York night sky even brighter.

Broadwick has continued its path to the top of the UK live event promotions industry since 2010 and it is still growing stronger each year. With the grand number of event spaces and projects that Broadwick has produced, this spectacular event promoter has taken over more than 30 venues and entertainment spaces and sold more than 1 million tickets. The promoter has also worked alongside prominent names in the UK entertainment industry such as Printworks London, DRUMSHEDS, and Depot Mayfield. For anyone who loves going to live events in New York City, stay tuned for more details about the upcoming projects that TCE Presents and Broadwick will have in store for the rest of 2024 and beyond.