Miami Resident Group Furious That Ultra Ran Later On Days Two And Three

Ultra Music Festival in Miami is known for bringing the bass but also the usual complaints from neighbors. This year, however, some residents are feeling the aftershock, with complaints that the party extended beyond permitted hours.

Here’s the breakdown: Ultra is contractually bound to wrap things up by midnight. Residents reported late-night noise on both Saturday and Sunday. Festival organizers acknowledge going past curfew, but blame it first of all on the massive crowds exiting safely. But most importantly they also pointed to the crazy Miami weather causing a seven-hour delay on Saturday due to a messy cleanup from heavy rain and storms. On Sunday, on the other side, the reported exceeded time was 27 minutes.

Let’s be real, late-night thumping isn’t exactly ideal for catching some good night’s sleep. Residents deserve a peaceful night’s rest, especially after putting up with a music marathon all day.

Unusual Weather & Safety Conditions

Ultra admits fault for exceeding the time limit, but considering the massive delays and exceptional conditions Ultra had to deal with this year, the delay seems more than reasonable. First of all, safety was a major factor in some of the delays, and we all agree on one thing, safety first. Moreover, with challenging post-COVID finances and to keep the longevity of the festival and its reputation, organizers had no choice but to run late, all while getting a green light from the authorities.

Finding A Common Beat

There’s always room for improvement. Perhaps clearer communication between organizers and residents could prevent future frustrations. Maybe even exploring sound-dampening solutions around the venue.

At the end of the day, Ultra is a huge economic boon to Miami, bringing in millions of dollars and tourism. Striking a balance between keeping residents happy and the festival thriving is key.