MEDUZA Comments On Streaming Radio Edits vs Extended Mixes

MEDUZA took to Instagram to reply to a comment on Radio edits vs. Extended mixes on streaming platforms. The comment addressed their recent release being only 2 minutes long on Spotify. The comment is well written going into this not being “a great listening experience.” Many details of the extended mix are missing from the radio edit. The extended mix of ‘Money (Can’t Save Us)’ is over 6 minutes long.

The fan notes it is a problem with some labels. A few years back labels would release an extended mix and the radio edit so all fans were happy. They also note that most extended mixes are only available on Beatport or other paywalls.

MEDUZA responded in a well-articulated manner, seeking to see what the rest of the community thinks. While he mostly agreed, he spoke from personal experience where he doesn’t enjoy 8-minute-long versions. He finds himself skipping through the track or even removing it from his playlist.

There is a very important business side of course. The industry is run on numbers and with shorter attention spans, shorter tracks is the answer. MEDUZA comments that if they were to release both versions at once they would split streaming thus reducing his numbers on the radio version.

Personally, I think releasing extended versions 1 month after would be the best option. As an artist and fan, I see both sides of the argument here. The algorithm is more friendly to shorter tracks and people’s attention spans can only handle so much these days. Or maybe we go back to 3 – 4 minutes long tracks?

What do you think is the best path forward?