Grimes Played A DJ Set In Mexico — And Fans Weren’t Happy About It

Attendees hoped for a live performance, and she behind the decks felt disappointing to some.

It all started when FKA Twigs backed out of AXE Ceremonia festival in Mexico City, and Grimes was announced as the heir to the spot. The gathering took place this past weekend and counted with the presence of many bands and renowned acts from all genres, such as LCD SOUNDSYSTEM and Kendrick Lamar.

Since they knew of Grimes’ addition to the festival, fans were cheering and waiting for her appearance, hoping to see her perform some of her most select works to date, and some IDs as well. And that’s the key word here, “perform”, as when she appeared on stage, stood behind a DJ booth and mixed a set, festivalgoers weren’t pleased at all.

Even though some say she played a killer set, people argue she should’ve mentioned she’d be playing a DJ set instead of a live performance with dancers, extra lights, and so on. As of recently, fans took to her most recent Instagram post to express their discontent.

Some of the comments left on her post are (attached translation):

“Girl I hated you, had you told us it was going to be a DJ set I wouldn’t have bought my ticket”
“Girl why did you play a DJ set, that sucks for real”
“I love you beautiful dolly, although you went too far on the DJ set, but I forgive you darling”
“We were sold an event as if she was going to perform a setlist of her music and instead she came to play a DJ set (…)”

What do you think? Is it fair that she received as much backlash for a DJ set? Should it have been announced ahead of time?

Stay tuned for more.