First Set Cancellations Kick Off Ultra Miami Day 2

After the events of last night, Ultra Music Festival is still working to get Bayfront Park in condition to open to the public. Constant heavy rain, gushes of wind, lightning, and even a tornado alert, all took part in yesterday’s emergency.

Doors should have opened two hours ago in normal conditions. Instead, what we have is machine after machine, sucking all possible water out of the dancing areas, cleaning mud, and, well, lines of people eagerly waiting to know when — or if — they’ll be granted access to one of the world’s most anticipated festivals of the entire year.

One of the first acts to publically announce their set has been crossed out is Swiss GRAMMY-nominated producer EDX. The artist took to his socials to deliver the unfortunate news.

The post reads: “I’m truly sorry to hear that today’s performance at the Ultra Music Festival had to be canceled due to change of hours because of severe weather in South Florida. I had been diligently preparing for this set for nearly a month, even incorporating some fresh ID tracks. It’s disheartening news, and my apologies go out to all my fans who were eagerly anticipating my musical journey today“.

In the meantime, Ultra is showing an aura of hope in their most recent statement, assuring they’re working hard to get the festival in pristine conditions for a grand opening this afternoon:

Stay tuned for more news.