[Event Review] Sub Focus, Dimension, Culture Shock, & 1991 Bring WORSHIP To New York

Drum & Bass has been taking off the last year in the States. While it was always popular across the pond in The UK, here in The U.S. it took some time. But, now it is hot and people can’t get enough. I haven’t seen people go this wild in a while. Sub Focus, Dimension, Culture Shock, & 1991 brought their WORSHIP show to New York for the 3rd time.

This was by far the biggest edition with it being held at The Great Hall in Brooklyn. The venue is perfect for every genre of dance music. The Great Hall is not your average warehouse. It is equipped with lights not just covering the roof but the beams themselves. There is ample space to get your feet moving. With bars extending almost the length of the venue ensuring you are never waiting in line.

Sub Focus, Dimension, Culture Shock, & 1991

I will admit I am a late bloomer when it comes to listening to DnB. However, in the last couple of years, I have fallen in love with the energy and beauty of the genre. It encompasses the ability to make you jump up and rage but also has beautiful vocals over a heavy bassline. It also can get funky, deep, and ethereal.

These 4 artists are some of the best in the game and they put on an awesome show. The crowd was absolutely loving it the whole night.

Culture Shock kicked off the Quartet and got the people ready to move. He played some of his bangers including his new track ‘Get To Me,’ his remix of ‘Panic Room,’ and the electric tune ‘Bunker.’

Dimension was next on the deck and surprisingly kicked it off with my favorite DnB track ‘DJ Turn It Up.’ I would have expected him to wait for the middle or end of his set but no, this man went for it right away. His remix of Armin van Buuren’s ‘Lose This Feeling’ was loved by all but not as much as ‘Where Do We Go’ with Poppy Baskcomb. And I can’t forget his remix of Dom Dolla’s ‘Rhyme Dust.’

Of course, he and Sub Focus have quite a few collaborations together. ‘Ready to Fly’ and ‘Desire’ were crowd favorites and had all the feelings. Dimension had my favorite set of the night with banger after banger.

Sub Focus was the main show of the night and the people packed in for him. There are not many bigger names in the genre than him and for good reason. He has more hits than you can imagine from the collabs with Dimension to ‘Solar System’ and ‘Off The Ground.’

His remix of ‘So Much In Love’ is a personal favorite of his as well as ‘Fine Day.’ Sub Focus has an incredible range within his set feeding off of the crowd. This is the 2nd time seeing him live and I can’t wait for the next one.

1991 closed off the night in style with his remix of ‘Perfect (Exceeder) and ‘Tell Me Why.’ He was an awesome cherry on top of an incredible night.

This is the group’s 3rd time they are taking it to North America. This is by far the biggest iteration with them going to San Jose, Chicago, New York, Washington D.C, Toronto, and Los Angeles. These artists also attended Ultra Miami for an electric weekend.

You can find tickets here for the remaining shows!