EMPEROR Unveils Enigmatic Single “Bambino Regno”

It is Friday and we love New Music Friday. Out today is a new single from EMPEROR. Lauded for his enigmatic presence and boundary-pushing soundscapes, EMPEROR emerges from the shadows once again with his latest single, ‘Bambino Regno‘. Released today March 22 through Empire records, just in time to kick off the festival season. The track promises to captivate audiences with punishing beats and deep sonic dives.

‘Bambino Regno’, meaning “child kingdom,” serves as a deeply personal exploration for EMPEROR, delving into the complexities of self-discovery and the lasting impact of childhood experiences. Drawing from his own journey, EMPEROR shares, “Bambino, for me, is all about a time when I felt like I had finally come to understanding myself. Not fully, but somewhat.”

The track delves into the artist’s past, reflecting on moments of innocence and freedom amidst the challenges of growing up. EMPEROR recalls fond memories of childhood, where simple joys like building ramps and playing with friends formed the cornerstone of his existence. “A lot of it was ‘go outside and don’t come out till the lights come on,'” he reminisces. “As long as I had a Walkman with some fresh batteries, and my favorite tape, I felt like a king.”