Cynthia Lacle Shares a Glimpse Into the Process Behind Her Track ‘Rave’

Hi Cynthia Lacle, how are you? Congratulations on the release of ‘Rave’!  

I’m doing fine, thank you. How are you? Thanks so much. So proud of this track. 

All good here, thanks! To start, where did the idea to create the track come from? Did you have any specific inspirations or influences when you set out to create ‘Rave’? 

For this track my inspiration came from a track by Maddix. I heard a specific track of his and there were I got the idea for ‘Rave’. It doesn’t sound like his track at all, but the inspiration for this track definitely came from his work.  

What did the production process look like? How did you approach creating the track? 

‘Rave’ is a track that is created by exploring new production methods. Using different effects and automations. ‘Rave’ became so technical that now, I use a lot of settings for my new tracks. But it’s definitely special because it’s my first track on this next level.  

How would you say ‘Rave’ epitomises your signature sound and how do you feel it differs from your previous releases? 

Well, ‘Rave’ is my baby track to a next level. I had so much fun exploring new methods and techniques. Was a bit impressed actually. So unexpected also, but sometimes you’re just in a certain flow and you discover something new and it’s also 1 of the reasons why it’s fun to produce music. My signature sound in this track is the kick and bassline. It sets a certain tone to the track. And of course, the high energy will always be a must in my tracks.  

The track delivers an energetic, invigorating listening experience; which elements would you say are most important to creating the electrifying vibes? How did you approach structuring the track to carve out a unique sonic journey for listeners to enjoy? 

I really believe it’s the combination of certain elements. But most of all, all my tracks are made with a feeling. If I don’t feel it, the sound is out. Even the smallest sound needs to fit in it. But I think with this track for me, the bassline and the synth are the biggest catchers there and the combination just works well for me. It represents me. Of course the kick must set the tone for the track. If the kick is not right the whole vibe for me is gone then.  

Do you have any go-to techniques when it comes to crafting soundscapes that are rich in sound and mighty in energy? 

No not really, it’s basically who I am. There are so many sound banks these days that have epic stuff in it, but at the end of the day I produce with so much feeling that I have connection with a certain sound. If doesn’t give me chills or energy I will not use it, and I’ll search until I find it.  

‘Rave’ features detailed, driving synth lines, can you tell us how you create these elements and your process for weaving together the different sonic layers? 

There are so many layers in this track. Every sound is so carefully placed. Filtered and mastered. Don’t ask me about the mixing part because that was so much work. But in the end, it paid off though. So, I’m really proud that ‘Rave’ was a new base for me to step up with my production.  

Did you face any challenges that you had to work to overcome? 

Yes, I recorded the vocals. I was shaking in the studio to record. I had to drink before I went in to record. I actually really don’t like my voice.  

Did you experiment with any new sounds or equipment during the production of ‘Rave’? 

Not with new gear or sounds. I did record the vocals for this track. Even though I really don’t like to sing. I did anyway :P. But there is a lot of experimentation with techniques.  

What’s coming up next for Cynthia Lacle? 

A lot of epic stuff. There will be a next level of production coming out and also events. So many epic stuff is coming for this year. But all of which cannot be revealed yet, so stay tuned! 

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