Enter A New Dimension With Argy’s ‘New World’ Album

Dark and mysterious voices echo through the dancefloor. Somber melodies inspire your limbs to dance in a ritualistic endeavor; Oh, I’m not trying to scare you I’m just describing Argy‘s newest album. New World is the result of the coveted Greek Melodic Techno prodigy. Argy has dominated the melodic scene in the past couple years. We can attribute his newfound success to the mastering of his craft, with almost 20 years since his big break in 2005. Since then, he’s released music on labels like Cocoon, Objektivity, Ibadan, and Defected. Most Recently, he has consistently earned the support of Afterlife Recordings. It makes sense that the label provided the platform for Argy to release this inspiring album.

Discover The New World

From beginning to end, New World offers a wide array of sounds and voices. This album includes the already released powerful classics ‘Aria’, ‘Pantheon’, ‘Takati’ and ‘Higher Power‘. Moreover, it includes the magical collaboration ‘Tibet’, with ARTBAT, and Zafrir. The main stars of the selection are the consistent echoing choirs. It feels like a cybernetic mass takes places throughout the entirety of the album. This alludes to the “New World” having technology as supreme ruler, and the mantras we hear are from ancient entities trying to guide us in this new bio-technologic realm.

Argy counts on the support of incredible artists that are shaping the Melodic Techno scene alike. Artists like Weekend Heroes, Goom Gum, Anyma, Zafrir, MAGNUS, Omnya, and Son of Son all lent their expertise to help the development of the album. Although all these artists have their unique style and approach to music, the album feels cohesive. The build ups, the drops, and the riffs, all take you on a wild discovery of a new dimension. This masterpiece showcases Argy’s love for music and his credibility as a producer.

Top Picks

Now you are all aware that this album is excellent, and we shouldn’t have to pick the best songs. So instead, here are my top two recommendations. These were not singles before the album came out. First, let me honor the hypnotizing ‘Dreamstates‘. The track has fantastic trance influences that involve synth arrangements that will uplift your spirits and beautiful stuttering vocals, I think this track would kill it at any Dreamstate event. My next favorite is none other than ‘Wilderness‘. This track fuses Melodic Techno and Acid, and as a huge fan of nasty warehouse techno, hearing a 303 Acid inspired track really makes my cerebellum tingle. In effect, both songs encapsulate the range of New World and how it can reach a huge audience.


  1. Argy, Son of Son – Faust
  2. Argy, Weekend Heroes – No One’s Coming
  3. Argy, Omnya – Aria
  4. Argy – All Day Long
  5. Argy – Collision
  6. Argy – Dreamstates
  7. Argy, Anyma feat. MAGNUS – Higher Power
  8. Argy – GURU
  9. Argy, Goom Gum – Pantheon
  10. Argy – Wilderness
  11. Argy, Weekend Heroes – Talk To Me
  12. Argy – Mental Powers
  13. Argy – Tataki
  14. ARTBAT, Argy, Zafrir – Tibet

Step into the era of Argy: A singular force in electronic dance music, Argy shapes the future of an entire genre with creations that resonate universally. His influential journey with Afterlife, marked by iconic releases like ‘Tataki,’ ‘Pantheon,’ ‘Aria,’ and the collaborative masterpiece ‘Higher Power’ with Anyma, has established his firm position on charts and award lists. Argy has solidified his status as a hitmaker in the music scene by consistently claiming the number 1 spots on Beatport. Therefore, maintaining a steady presence in the global top 100 Shazam charts. Lastly, Spotify recognized him as an ‘Artist to watch for 2024’, thanks to his impressive multi-million streams.

Argy now unveils his magnum opus, New World, a revolutionary fusion of human emotion and AI innovation. Here, Argy becomes a mystical journeyer venturing into a realm unseen by others. He invit3w listeners on a solitary journey into the uncharted realms of the unconscious mind. Through a departure from conventional music production, Argy explores the depths of inspiration. Argy serves as both explorer and messenger, paving the way for a new era in music exploration.

With an extensive tour schedule for 2024 including dates at Tomorrowland, EDC Vegas, and touring as a principal artist with Afterlife, Argy transforms live performances into captivating spectacles. He is leaving an indelible mark on attendees. The anticipated audiovisual ‘New World’ album tour is poised to be a groundbreaking experience for fans. Furthermore, it’s crafted to offer a multi-sensory extravaganza.

We are thrilled for you to join us in this epic adventure, in New World