AlphaTheta Reveals Euphonia; Their New High-End Rotary Mixer And First Of Its Kind In Pioneer’s History

It’s no secret that vintage is the new trend. Echoes of the past have made their return to the current scene. Vinyl, of course, is the perfect example. Now, AlphaTheta, the new brand developed by Pioneer‘s executives is bringing a luxury product that will certainly set a trend in its target audience. A rotary mixer allows the user to create more subtle, natural mixes and were quite popular back when the scene was in its early days. Alphatheta’s new rotary mixer is called Euphonia.

Due to its high-end design, specific needs, such as a proper audio setup, and high-quality physical and digital copies of tracks to play on, you won’t see this become a standard at any big clubs/venues soon. Nonetheless, for those of you who are into the more complex setups and performances, expect to see this baby show up at a big artists’ setup occasionally (Yes, looking at you, Mr. Cox).


Alphatheta’s Euphonia is a 4 channel mixer, with multiple in and out audios. Its potentiometer-based design aims for a more humane feeling of the transition, making it possible to create an almost invisible transition. It includes an analogic transformer that allows you to work both digitally and analogically. Designed in collaboration with the legendary engineer Rupert Neve, it is definitely a collector’s item, both aesthetically and historically.

A most iconic item in the history of the DJ profession, it is no wonder fans have been asking for this one for a long time. Although its design and price range make it quite hard to get one, it will find a loyal crowd that will build culture around it. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll have one of these next to every club mixer. And honestly, why not?