All Day I Dream Announces Label World Tour For Summer 2024

The leading Organic House imprint is bringing its magic around the globe, starting in April.

Buckle up, everyone! And set your mind and spirit free, for All Day I Dream, the iconic cloud-logo blue-coloured imprint led by Lee Burridge, has announced their Summer 2024 dates. They’ll be going on tour for the entirety of the season, plus some extra gifts before it. Having just graced an important portion of the Americas at scenic locations in places like Brazil, Uruguay, and Tulum, they’re now adding enough dates to fill their calendars until the heat of the months starts decaying, entering autumn.

Get ready to dance it all out with the presence and beats from the likes of world-class acts like Tim Green, Sébastien Léger, Double Touch, Simon Vuarambon, Lost Desert, Powel, and label boss Lee Burridge, among many others.

World Tour

The All Day I Dream 2024 World Tour is set to visit eleven cities across the globe, totalling over 25 shows which will prove why Lee’s vision to bring the magic to the dancefloor is a must if you dig the Organic House vibe — and also if you wish to try it out. The journey kicks off in Mexico City on April 20, then heads to the eccentric city of Dubai a week later, and then over to the City of Angels halfway through May. While on American ground, they’ll turn both the Brooklyn Mirage in New York and the Sculpture Park in Denver into a powerhouse of union, love, and melodic beats.

In true Summer fashion, ADID has decided 2023 had been too good to not repeat the experience, and will turn into residents of one of the hottest destinations worldwide for partying nonstop: Ibiza. Playa Soleil is the place to go every Monday for, not one, not two, but 16 weeks in a row (!) if you wish to have an unforgettable time on a heavenly island. Time’s no constraint to miss out on it.

Summertime is already headed towards us fast and this year we have the pleasure of hosting 26 All Day I Dream parties around the globe“, expresses Lee himself.

“I’m looking forward to dropping the first track of what promises to be a very special summer indeed.”

-Lee Burridge.

Peep at the entire All Day I Dream Summer 2024 World Tour below. Looking for tickets? This way, please. Also, do enjoy a fine selection of the imprint’s latest tracks by referring to the Spotify playlist we’ve attached at the end of the tour dates. Stay tuned to our page for the latest news and views from the Dance industry!