Afterlife Miami Forced To Make Changes On Night Two After Neighbours’ Complaints

The bass might have been getting a slight tweak at Afterlife Music Festival on the second night during Miami Music Week. Commissioner Damian Pardo announced changes aimed at balancing the immersive experience for festival-goers with noise concerns for nearby residents.

At first, Pardo shared the following statement on his socials, explaining how residents neighbouring the Miami Marine Stadium had elevated a number of complaints regarding excessive noise and “other disruptive aspects“:

A while later, he turned to his socials again to post an update of what had been agreed upon by the parties, to introduce modifications for the performance of the second Afterlife night. Here’s a breakdown of the changes:

If you were at the event, did you notice any changes in your experience due to these restrictions?

Miami Music Week is pulsating with energy as DJs and music lovers converge on Miami for a week of electrifying events. Today marks the start of the main event, Ultra Music Festival. We hope the festival and Miami Music Week will be able to go on and deliver a full experience to festival-goers this weekend.