Zorza Unleashes Innovative Sounds in New EP ‘Hyperdream’

Zorza is an exciting name to look out for when it comes to rising artists who are phenomenal in both Hyper-Pop and Techno. The artist hails from Toronto and she is developing a reputation for herself as a multi-skilled DJ/producer who produces releases in Hard Dance, Trance and the aforementioned Hyper-Pop and Techno. Furthermore, Zorza has made a name for herself with her must-see Twitch streams as well. On February 23, Zorza unveiled her latest EP, Hyperdream, which is a superb blend of Hypertech. Anyone who listens to Zorza’s Hyperdream may get to experience what could be the rise of a new exciting music styler that will take the music world by storm. Click ‘Play’ on the Spotify link below to listen to this EP, which is out via Collection Disque Durs.

*Featured Cover Photo Credit: Natalie Wegiel (2+2 Management)

Zorza Brings Out Gnarly Hypertech Sound With Her New EP, Hyperdream

Zorza brought out four tracks in Hyperdream, including the title track itself. The title track of the EP felt like the nostalgic Techno of yesterday as it gives off fluid rhythms that can transport the listeners to an upbeat yet blissful environment. Soon after, the second track of the EP, ‘4Ever’, continues the “blast from the past” vibe of this EP as it includes extra helpings of Hyper-Pop that fuse alongside ’90s Techno synths.

Also, ‘Ashes 2 Dust‘ enhances the soundscape with pulse-pounding beats that will have the listeners get addicted to the track and may even put it on repeat. Finally, ‘Endlessly‘ brings out emotional feelings as this track provides a tale where romance is in the air. This EP is surely not going to be the last time fans will hear from Zorza, the multi-skilled artist who will become one of the world’s top Hyper-Tech producers in the near future.