Zac Brown Drops Avicii Remix of “Beautiful Drug” This Friday

Country music superstar Zac Brown just dropped a bombshell on Twitter, announcing the release of a previously unreleased Avicii remix of Zac Brown Band‘s 2015 hit “Beautiful Drug” this Friday, February 16th.

In a heartwarming video message, Brown shared the backstory behind the collaboration: “Before Avicii’s passing,” the Georgia-native said, “he and I worked on a song called ‘Broken Arrows.’ In return, he promised to do a remix on one of my songs. So we have ‘Beautiful Drug,’ the Avicii version of that coming out. It’s very special to us. I hope you dig it.”

This unexpected release not only offers a fresh look at a beloved Zac Brown Band track, but also serves as a touching tribute to the late musical innovator Avicii, who tragically passed in 2018. Known for his genre-bending electronic music and captivating melodies, Avicii’s influence on the dance music scene remains undeniable.

“‘Beautiful Drug,’ I believe that it could be a giant club song,” Brown said in a 2015 YouTube video. “I wanted to make a song that was our band and our harmony and our sound, but could fit in that environment. So we did our best to kinda get that across.”

Avicii’s Touch

It’s intriguing to imagine how Avicii, known for his infectious dance beats and soaring melodies, would have transformed “Beautiful Drug.” His remix likely injects the track with his signature electronic elements, potentially creating a club-ready anthem that retains Brown’s soulful vocals and emotional core.

This collaboration transcends the boundaries of music genres and carries a sentimental weight. It’s a testament to Avicii’s lasting impact and a reminder of the creative connections that can blossom between seemingly disparate artists.

What to Expect

On February 16th, fans can anticipate a unique blend of country soul and electronic dance music. “Beautiful Drug” (Avicii Remix) promises to be a powerful and emotional track, honoring both artists’ legacies and offering a taste of what could have been a groundbreaking musical partnership.