UPDATED: Tiesto Pulls Out of Super Bowl Performance

UPDATE 3:30PM: Tiesto puts out an official statement

There is shocking and concerning news today regarding the Super Bowl in Las Vegas this weekend. In late January we reported that Tiesto had been selected as the first-ever in-game DJ. He was set to perform a show before the big game, and then perform throughout for the fans at the game. It was the closest we’ve ever gotten to a DJ or any artist from our world getting a chance to play The Big Game.

Multiple sources report that Tiesto has been forced to pull out due to “unforeseen family circumstances”. The situation must be quite serious for Tiesto to withdraw from such a lifetime opportunity at the last minute. Tiesto and his wife Annika Backes are parents to two children, Viola and Viggo.

At this time, little else is known about the situation, and stories promoting the upcoming gig are still being published as of this moment. All we know is that our best wishes go out to Tiesto and his family, and we hope to see him on the big screen soon.