Sultan + Shepard Lift Final Breathtaking Album Single ‘Highest Love’

Our favourite Canadian duo Sultan + Shepard release their fourth and final single from their upcoming studio album Endless Dawn. ‘Highest Love’ featuring the breathtaking vocals of Lanks is out today on This Never Happened. Have a listen below and let us know your thoughts as we dive into sharing ours.

Highest Love

Does this track sound familiar? We first heard it right about a year ago on Ned & Osama’s Malibu set last February. Happy to finally have this released to the world. Perfect present for your post Valentine’s Thursday don’t you think? ‘Highest Love’ is the first collaboration the boys have with Brooklyn-based Australian producer Lanks. The mesmerizing vocals of Lanks with the melodic beats from S+S transpose me to Heaven. The emotional track starts off with a steady piano beat and light strumming before introducing Lanks’ echoing lyrics. The pace quickly picks up introducing the familiar melodic beat and heavenly synths. Throughout the song, the melody takes you to a heavenly place, and, let me tell you something, it might just be my favourite track of this album so far. The progressive track causes a longing sensation and elevates you into another universe. The sensation this album has given me so far is joy and goosebumps in the simplest way for me to explain.

This is Lanks’ first collaboration with the duo as well as the label This Never Happened. Amazing introduction to the family and couldn’t have been on a better track. I’m sure this is going to be the first of many collaborations for his incredible voice with the This Never Happened family. Can’t wait to see what is in store for him.

Sultan & Shepard – Live Tour

In other news Ned & Osama announced yesterday they will be doing a live exclusive immersive listening session of Endless Dawn in Denver on February 26th. Their first session sold out in under 5 minutes, so they added a second which is also sold out! The boys debuted this concept last year before their release of Forever Now in LA. Ned & Osama engaged fans last week to pick a city for them to share this experience. This will be right around the corner as Endless Dawn releases March 1st on This Never Happened. With the release of this album, a new chapter begins for Ned & Osama. The duo have shared in the past they would love to share their music live! Without further ado, they will embark on their first-ever live tour with a performance of their music in North America this spring. Check out the dates below if they are in your city or one close to you! I just saw them live at Igloofest and that set was special! Don’t miss seeing them live!

You can pre-order their vinyl here. Stay tuned to EDMTunes as we follow the boys on their journey and can’t wait for the release of this exciting album.