Rinzen Releases Brand-New Single ‘The Pursuit’

Rising star Rinzen unleashed a brand-new single ‘The Pursuit‘ on This Never Happened today. This cinematic tune is the second release from his upcoming debut album Bend To The Light.

‘The Pursuit’

The track combines cinematic sound design with forward-thinking Techno production. Completely different from the rhythm and beat in ‘Burnin‘ the first track from Bend To The Light. A darker track starts off slowly with synths while mixing in steady hi-fi beats, building the tension of this Melodic Techno tune as it progresses. The flowy synths, heavy digital stabs, strange high calls like alien war cries or human laments echo and the steady bassline gives it a futuristic Techno sound, the one Rinzen wants to bring to the world. The echoes have an effect both sinister and entrancing.

The full five minutes and twenty-three seconds are a musical journey that transports you to an alternate universe. His idea of creating something utterly awe-inspiring is definitely ‘The Pursuit‘. It feels like a Sci-Fi spin to a melodic track and one you can definitely dance to in a dark nightclub.

Rinzen shares his creation of ‘The Pursuit’:

“’The Pursuit’ is my attempt at turning science fiction into melodic house & techno. To create a song that could soundtrack a dystopian film, whilst still having a propulsive dance floor energy. The title references both a high-speed motorcycle chase, and the universal human desire to pursue our highest self.”


Rinzen promises a near-future new high-tech world of interplanetary travel and boy does he deliver. If you haven’t heard his music yet, I highly urge you to. He is known to throw long sets at top clubs in North America. He recently announced a special 5-hour open-to-close at Sound in LA and NewSpeak in Montreal. Check out his other tour dates and cities here.

Stay tuned to EDMTunes to follow Rinzen’s journey as we countdown to his album release, on April 5th.