Neil Nines Aces Groovy Melodic Sound On ‘Whispers’

Listen to a banging track we recently came across.

We’re always on the lookout for the next big track, the next banger, if you will. It’s wonderful to see so much incredible talent out there shaping the future of our scene, everyone from newcomers to veterans. Well, our search led us to Baltimore-based Neil Nines.

Neil Nines

Far from being “just a DJ”, producer Neil Nines decanted towards Dance music after not only being taught piano, but also developing a knack for Rock as well, via electric guitar, keyboard, and even vocals. Experiences in New York and Vegas influenced him to the point where he decided to dive into music production and the endless world of the four-on-the-floor culture.

After performing two years in a row at Insomniac’s DC Project Glow Festival, and recently opening for Morten at famed Soundcheck DC, you could say he’s found a fair amount of success. He’s already made a name for himself out there, and he’s hungry for more.


The latest instalment in Neil’s sound comes by the hand of vocalist Nilka’s Dance-focused alias, ENROSA. Titled ‘Whispers’, the track is a groovy piece of EDM hybridisation between a handful of genres such as House, Melodic Techno, and Tech House. Released under the New York City-based label As You Are (AYA Music Group), the release contains two tracks, the original, and a deeper Melodic Techno remix by the talented HIWATER.

“One of the best parts about being signed to AYA is there is a sense of connection to the other artists, a feeling of belonging even with this one single.”

-Neil Nines

Original Mix

Simple in number of elements but complex in the way it’s delivered, Neil’s original version of ‘Whispers’ hooks you instantly with a strong kick-rolling bass-snare-hats combo. The vocal also plays a key role in how infectious this song is, with easy-to-follow lyrics and motifs.


With even more groove than the original version, HIWATER’s take brings ‘Whispers’ out of the festival landscapes and into the dark, laser-decorated clubs. Enjoy this version with eyes closed, hopefully in a place where light won’t interfere with the sonic journey you’ll be going on with it.

Listen to Neil Nines‘ ‘Whispers’ in full by clicking the Spotify button we’ve provided. Also, be sure to follow the artists on their socials (Neil Nines | ENROSA | HIWATER). And stay tuned to our page for the latest news and reviews from our beloved EDM industry.