Le Youth Releases Fantastic First Single Of 2024 ‘Paradise’

Its NEW MUSIC FRIDAY!! One of our favourite This Never Happened artist, Le Youth releases his first single of 2024 ‘Paradise‘. This emotional track feathers the dreamy vocals of Oaks. First of his countless hits of this new year, take a listen below.

‘Paradise’ starts off with echos and a classic Le Youth tune. If you had me just listen to the beginning I’d know it from a mile away. Oaks angelic voice floats with the emotional lyrics that hit my heart strings on my first listen. Diving into the lyrics, this song talks about a victorious journey from a toxic love. One I think most of us can resonate with, a love you build on false promises that you are stuck in. But Le Youth’s tracks always have that ray of hope, that gets to us each and every time. The beats will light up the dancefloor around the globe with the groovy and airy synthesizers, a leisurely sound I love. Can’t wait to hear this live!

Le Youth

Our readers should be familiar with Le Youth. EDMTunes has been consistently following Wes in the last few years with his successful albums About Us and Reminders releases. We also had the pleasure to attend his About Us live tour earlier last year, and boy I must say it was one of my favourite shows of 2024. Wes has been in the scene with his emotional melodic house tracks for over a decade with ‘Cool’. The LA based producer is currently on the second phase of his About Us tour. You can catch him at Nashville this weekend with his 360 tour (amazing concept) or with the TNH family at We Belong Here festival. Check out his other dates for the Spring below.

We can’t wait to see what Wes has in store for his fans this year. I have ‘Paradise’ on loop enjoying my sunny winter Friday morning. Stay tuned to EDMTunes as we bring to you all the global music updates!

*Photo Credits – Le Youth (Facebook – Noir inside Rebel)