Kiko Introduces Latest Track ‘Second Life’ Alongside Agoria

Kiko is an artist from France who is amongst the most influential drivers in the ‘French Touch’ movement since coming into the music world in 1992. The last time that Kiko released an album was in 2008 and it was Slave of My Mind and it seems like the innovative producer should soon be releasing another album by now. In fact, on February 9th, Kiko released his latest track ‘Second Life’ in collaboration with fellow French producer Agoria.

This track will be on Kiko’s forthcoming album, Digital Family, and the planned release date of the album will be October 18th. Click ‘Play’ on the Spotify link below to listen to this amazing track from Kiko and Agoria, ‘Second Life’. Kiko and Agoria released ‘Second Life’ on HOT BANANA, the imprint that Kiko launched with Fab G. and the album’s forthcoming release is perfect for the imprint’s 20th anniversary.

Kiko and Agoria’s ‘Second Life’ will be on Digital Family, an album that celebrates two decades of wonderful electro-techno

The appearance of Kiko and Agoria’s ‘Second Life’ on the upcoming album, Digital Family, will represent another chapter in the former’s illustrious music career. Not only that, releasing the album on the HOT BANANA imprint represent two decades of fantastic electro-techno music that the electronic music fans around the world have deeply admired and respected. Kiko’s fantastic blend of melodic techno, indie dance, and disco made him into a top name in the ‘French Touch’ movement and that reputation still remains to this day. When Digital Family comes out in the fall of this year, fans will for sure set to have a good time.