Keinemusik & Framework Set To Takeover Los Angeles This May

Los Angeles is set to witness an unprecedented musical spectacle. I say this, as as Framework is teaming up with the renowned German collective Keinemusik. This May, the two dance music titans will bring an extraordinary event to the city’s vibrant nightlife. On the horizon of May 4, 2024, Framework Presents Keinemusik will unfold under the open sky. The night will feature the iconic performances of Rampa, &ME, and Adam Port. This landmark event not only signifies Keinemusik’s largest show in Los Angeles to date but also introduces a unique element to the city’s cultural fabric. It will bring the debut of the Peace Kloud in the City of Angels. This symbolic inflatable represents harmony and creativity. Moreover, it promises to add a visually stunning backdrop to the musical excellence the trio is known for.


The anticipation for this event is palpable, with a to-be-announced open-air venue adding an element of mystery and excitement. The Peace Kloud‘s arrival in Los Angeles is a testament to the evolving partnership between Keinemusik and Framework. This is a collaboration that has historically enriched the music scene with unforgettable experiences. Fans eager to secure their spot at this must-attend event are encouraged to register for pre-sale. Further, this takes place on February 20th. Additionally, this early registration not only ensures a place at the event but also signifies an opt-in for updates and marketing messages from both Framework and Keinemusik.

As the clock ticks down to the pre-sale registration deadline on February 19th, excitement builds for what promises to be a transformative evening in Los Angeles. Set to start at 5:00 PM, the event’s timing and open-air setting hint at an immersive experience that extends beyond music, offering a blend of visual artistry and communal spirit. Furthermore, this collaboration between Framework and Keinemusik marks the inaugural Los Angeles appearance of the Peace Kloud. This symbolizes a new chapter in the city’s entertainment landscape, inviting attendees to be part of a historic moment filled with music, art, and a shared vision of peace. If you’re a fan of Keinemusik, or Framework events, this is a night you do not want to miss.

Lastly, You can sign up for the presale, here.