John Summit Releases ‘Shiver’, Among His Most Anticipated Singles

John Summit is the man. There’s no other way to put it. The man who’s become the face of the current House scene in America is ready for another career year in 2024. Today, X’s most unhinged DJ released his latest track, and it’s most certainly, one we’ve all been waiting for. Titled ‘Shiver’, John Summit’s newest track is exactly what you need to get on your feelings on Valentine’s Day.

There’s much to say about John Summit. Last year, the DJ’s career became an even bigger phenom. Launching his label. Organizing events for said label. Touring the world. All while constantly working on new music. You may not like mainstream House. You may not like John Summit. However, it is impossible to deny the impact, and working ethic the man behind some of the biggest chart-toppers of the last decade has. Summit appears to be driven exclusively by passion and a blind sense of fate in his work and his sound. The result? A non-stop journey to the top of the game.

Hayla Teams Up With John Summit For A Successful Second Collaboration

Do you want your Dance song to be successful? I’ll give you the recipe for success. Feature. A. Scouser.

No, I’m not kidding.

For his latest release, John Summit teams up with a familiar face, and voice. Hailing from Liverpool, UK, it’s none other than Hayla. The singer first joined forces with the boss behind the label, Experts Only, for the track titled ‘Where You Are’. Now, she rejoins Summit for what can only be described as a very successful second collaboration. Led by a phat bassline, a rich combination of multi-textured percussion, and an all-around ethereal, captivating, tension-rising group of leads and pads, this is one of Summit’s finest works. ‘Shiver’ is, undoubtedly, a fitting name for this new release.

Stream ‘Shiver’ by John Summit featuring Hayla out everywhere now!