John Summit Will Release ‘Shiver’ With Hayla Next Week

House DJ and producer John Summit went on his social media to announce the release date of his highly anticipated track ‘ShiverFebruary 14th 2024. Time for another track from the bender king himself! This marks the second collaboration with vocalist Hayla, following ‘Where You are‘.

After winning song of the year and remix of the year in our Year in Tunes lists, we can already tell this track will be massive. Valentine’s Day will get very festive now.

Shiver Down Your Spine

The song has already sent shivers down everyone’s spine in the last few months, from his BMO Show in LA to his LIV Las Vegas Residency. Just a few months ago, the Experts Only label head had teased a snippet on the creation of the song while in the studio. You could hear Hayla’s hauntingly powerful vocals resonate in the video. Summit claims to be one of his most emotional tracks to date, expect a lot of happy tears from us.

Hold your loved ones tight, and prepare for the very romantic release of ‘Shiver’ February 14th. Down for a preview? Head below.