Max Styler & Spencer Howard Debut Habitatt on Experts Only with ‘Fly With Me’

Collaborative duo Habitatt, formed of Max Styler and Spencer Howard, debuts on Experts Only with the expansive house release ‘Fly With Me‘. Habitatt is the new melodic project from childhood friends Max Styler and Spencer Howard. Max & Spencer made and uploaded beats onto SoundCloud as kids.

Their paths into adulthood led them in opposite directions, with Max becoming an international touring producer & DJ and Spencer pursuing his athletic endeavors, which led him to a successful career as a pitcher in Major League Baseball. With drastically different career paths, their lives were mirrored by long travel days, hotels in different cities, and their love for music production. Spencer & Max started sharing ideas as they were out on the road, and their love for melodies and music became the seed that grew into the Habitatt project.

No stranger to John Summit’s label, Max Styler made waves in 2023, with his two-track ‘Wanna Dance’ release topping the Beatport chart approaching his North American tour. Now he imparts his knowledge with long-time friend Spencer Howard, forming Habitatt and releasing the three-track melodic house EP ‘See.’ ‘Fly With Me’ further establishes the duo’s expansive sound, with sultry vocals and syncopated synths accelerating away from expected four-on-the-floor patterns.

‘Fly With Me’ is available now on Experts Only, you can listen to it below!