Ferry Corsten And Marsh Team Up For Breathtaking New Single ‘Fulfillment’

Two trailblazing artists come together to craft something truly unique.

If you know Ferry Corsten from his early 2000s work, and you know Marsh from tracks like ‘Amor’ or his Silk era, you may wonder if what you’re reading in the title is true. And if it is, how can it be so? Where on Earth do their styles match for a conjoint work?

I’ll tell you something: they’re both adventurers. You heard it from Ferry himself when we sat down for an interview not long ago. As for Tom… you’ll have to take my word for it.

Marsh and Ferry have been leaders of the Dance sound, each in their own era. Ferry led the whole Trance movement and sound during its golden years, while Marsh has become one of Anjunadeep’s core musicians. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it might even be the case that ‘Come Together’, Tom’s 2020 hit record with Nox Vahn, gave the whole segment of tracks containing voiceovers from Alan Watts a bunch of momentum and sort of made it a common resource in Dance.

(Left to right) Marsh, Ferry Corsten.

Well, back to the point. Dance living legend Ferry Corsten and Progressive House trailblazer Marsh have joined forces for an electrifying new piece, called ‘Fulfillment’.

Collaborating, And Exceeding Expectations

Like two distant tides seamlessly merging for a conjoint path, ‘Fulfillment’ sees Tom’s and Ferry’s sounds entwined in a way that feels both original, and yet still so true to both artists’ core themes.

I’ve admired Marsh’s sound for a while now and always thought if we had the chance, we could make something really cool together“, says Ferry. “However, ‘Fulfillment’ exceeded expectations. It has the authentic club feel of the golden Dance era, with a slick progressive groove, which transfers an amazing energy when played live”.

I’m super grateful to Marsh and proud that ‘Fulfillment’ will feature on my album.”

-Ferry Corsten.

On the other hand, Tom considers the release quite the unreal moment in his career. “What is life that I have a collab with Ferry! The early version of ‘Fulfillment’ worked and had a good vibe going, but something was missing. Cue Ferry Corsten. To my surprise he was a fan and had already considered reaching out to collaborate“.

“The ‘Fulfillment’ you hear today has a killer new bassline, the original energy, and the way it drops – wow! I can’t wait for the moment this drops at our show together during Miami Music Week!”



As you might’ve guessed by reading what both artists had to say above, ‘Fulfillment’ is a track with a very peculiar sound. Born as a Marsh solo piece, it contains Tom’s progressive, hypnotic sound. But, if it’s going to be featured on Ferry’s upcoming album Connect, it must have some of his own hints too, right? Ding ding! Spot them yourself.

I’ll give you a hand: gated vocal beds? Marsh. Groovy, Trance-infused bassline? Ferry. The rest is left as an exercise for the reader.

Also, can I just say, the sound these two have achieved is, quite frankly, out of this world. Staying on par with other Connect tracks, ‘Fulfillment’ rocks the ultimate look: a retro-spirited, modern-day-engineered beloved Trance appearance. We’re talking the proper 2000s Trance sound, in today’s technology. Hey, reminds me of a phrase Ferry himself said in our interview:

For the longest time (…), the 909 drum rack, it was not done. And it was Old School. And now it’s cool again, so it can be done again. And with that comes all the other good bits from the 90s, but produced with today’s technology, so it sounds super tight and big. There’s a bit of sentiment in there as well, you know, “Can I? Can I really open the drawer of Ferry stuff from the late 90s, early 2000s?”, which is really cool. So, yeah, I’m really enjoying that.

-Ferry Corsten

Final Words

Truly a work of art, this is. If you ask me, even if it may be cheesy to say this just entering February, if you’re looking for a contender for track of the year, this is it right here, chaps.

Listen to Ferry Corsten and Marsh’s brand-new track ‘Fulfillment’ by hitting ‘Play’ on the Spotify button we’ve attached below. Also, click here to support the release on your platform of choice.

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