[Event Review] This Never Happened Crew Takes Igloofest Attendees On A Spiritual Journey

We attended the weekend long festivities at Igloofest and I can tell you Saturday was an epic night for me. The Sapporo stage had a stacked line up of the This Never Happened label regulars along with the boss Lane 8 himself.

Not familiar with Igloofest? It’s the world’s coldest festival that takes place in Montreal for four weekends from mid January to February. The Friday we enjoyed a sold out show with Eric Prdyz & Cristoph. It really prepared me for the show I was waiting for the most – TNH on the saturday. All bundled up we made sure to be there as soon as doors opened to experience the festival. As you entered there was a slide that you could most literally slide into the music leading into the Sapporo Stage. Around the area were some photo booths, food vendors, pop ups where you could get ski glasses and other fun goodies. There were heated corners in the VIP section which was a nice touch on a cold night. To the right was the Videotron stage a little more low key where you could dance the night away.

Sapporo Stage

Ashibah live at Igloofest – Photo by WAKTR

We explored the area right as the music started with the lovely Ashibah setting the tone with her powerful vocals. I was glued to the main stage as soon as I entered. Ashibah’s live set was an hour long and she played a number of her TNH records ‘It’s All Love‘, ‘Make It Better (Forever)‘ and more. Her vocals and melodic set blended well into EMBRZ bringing out an hour of his emotional dance hits. He had the crowd up and dancing every minute of his set with hits like ‘IOU‘, ‘Over & Over‘, ‘Higher Than Nirvana‘. We all sang along and the energy was unreal, it brought the heat we all needed on the nippy night. As EMBRZ concluded his set you could hear the crowd yelling on top of their lungs.

Sultan + Shepard & Lane 8

The warm welcome was for Montreal legends Sultan + Shepard. Their had me in tears, we were lucky to hear some of their new music from their upcoming album. Listening to the Julia Church ‘All I Know’ was the crowd pleaser and I was so ecstatic to hear it live. It comes as no surprise as it has been all the hype since Lane 8’s winter mixtape. S+S played a mix of old classics like ‘Neptune‘, ‘Assassin‘. The excitement was turned a notch with ‘The Little Mushroom That Got Away‘ their brilliant collab with Lane 8.

As Daniel greeted Montreal in the best way possible with an ID. The legend brought out 3 IDs and I can’t wait for these releases. One and a half hours of Daniel was too short. The whole set the crowd sang together and brought the essence of the This Never Happened family spirit. Old classics like ‘Ghost Voices‘, ‘Shatter‘ ‘Little By Little‘ and ‘I/Y‘ along with ‘Rave‘, ‘I Will Leave A Light On‘ showcased years through Lane 8’s music. It was a magical night and hope you all can catch a Lane 8 set soon enough!

EDMTunes had a great weekend at Igloofest, hopefully you all can attend this festival in the future! As we bid you goodbye, I will leave you with a short clip of a Lane 8 ID that we all hope gets an official release soon! Stay tuned to EDMtunes for all your music updates.

Featured image credit: WAKTR – Igloofest Montreal