DJ MANDY: From Small Clubs to Tomorrowland’s Big Stage

Few moments ignite a DJ’s career like having their remix echo across the hallowed grounds of Tomorrowland. For 26-year-old Belgian DJ MANDY, that dream became reality four years ago when her bootleg of Swedish House Mafia’s “Don’t You Worry Child” closed out the iconic festival.

“It was a mix of disbelief, pride, and pure ecstasy,” she recalls, her voice filled with emotion.

Her journey, however, started long before the mainstage lights, fraught with challenges but fueled by unwavering passion and an unyielding belief.

From Mixes to Mainstage

The climb wasn’t without its hurdles. The biggest challenge? “Creating a name, getting respect, and being taken seriously as a female artist,” she reveals. But DJ MANDY, ever the self-assured go-getter, refused to be deterred. “I always did my own thing,” she emphasizes, “and the rest followed.”

MANDY’s journey began with a SoundCloud mix that garnered 20,000 streams in a week, a surprising yet promising start. Her first show, however, was a different story – two people in a small club! Yet, fueled by determination, she persevered, playing at festivals like Sunset Festival and clubs of varying sizes, all before the age of 15.

Her unwavering spirit resonated with fans, family, and a supportive team. They became her anchor, reminding her to stay true to her sound and ignore negativity. “My biggest lesson,” she reflects, “was to not listen to anyone who tries to bring you down. You do you!”

The Thrill of Tomorrowland

This philosophy served her well, propelling her through smaller gigs and preparing her for the electrifying atmosphere of Tomorrowland’s mainstage. “I see all bookings the same,” she says, “but I love the energy. Whether it’s a small or big crowd, that’s what gives me adrenaline.” And the energy at Tomorrowland, she knows, will be unparalleled.

This summer, her Tomorrowland Mainstage debut marks a pivotal moment. Growing up in Belgium, the festival held mythical status, and performing there was a dream she nurtured since she was young. “It’s still unbelievable!” she exclaims. Her previous Tomorrowland appearances, including the Q-Dance Stage, The Gathering, and the Freedom Stage, paved the way for this monumental achievement.

While she cherishes the energy of both intimate and large crowds, the Mainstage holds a special place in her heart. “The energy is priceless,” she says, brimming with excitement for her upcoming performance.

Beyond the Festival Frenzy

Looking beyond festivals, MANDY’s long-term goals involve venturing beyond remixes and collaborating with other artists. “I’m just trying some more different stuff,” she shares, hinting at a desire for musical exploration.

If she could curate a dream festival lineup, it would feature a diverse mix of established names and rising talents:

  • MANDY: Of course, she features herself, showcasing her own infectious energy.
  • Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike: Their sets consistently inspire her, and she appreciates their unwavering support.
  • Amelie Lens: A techno icon who serves as a role model.
  • Dyen & Nico Moreno: Their high-octane sets and stage presence resonate with her.
  • Da Tweekaz: They bring the party vibes and feel like brothers to her.